First Library Appearance of 2016!

Bonham Public LibraryThe Bonham Public Library, the Whitewright Public Library and the Bonham Romance Readers Book Club are co-hosting an author event Saturday, February 6.

From the Dallas Morning News: “Romance authors Lorraine Heath, Carolyn Brown, Becky Wade, Patricia Burroughs, Leann Harris, Lauren Canan, Janis Susan May, Kim Redford, JD Tyler, Vicki Batman, Tessa Gray, Carolyn Rae and Becki Stevenson will discuss their works from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at Bonham Public Library, 305 E. 5th St., Bonham.”

WhitewrightLibraryI’m delighted to be with such a group of wonderful authors talking to readers about books. If you’re in the area be sure to come. There will be drawings, book signings and sales, and each author will speak and answer questions. Awesome!

I’m especially thrilled to meet some of the Bonham Romance Readers Book Club members. They chose La Desperada as their group read last summer. This will be my first time to show off the new cover. In my talk, I’ll be connecting the dots between La Desperada and the Fury Triad, and how I owe it all to a Hollywood meeting on the Paramount Lot!

In six minutes.

Ready, set, go!

You know….

You know how sometimes you find out an old friend has been dead for almost two years, and you had no idea, and suddenly you feel like you’ve been gut-punched?



Ruth, I miss you. I know we hadn’t been in touch–but there you were, just an email or message away, and I knew that–

Except… you weren’t.

You aren’t.

Love you, Ruth. Miss you. Will see you again, someday.

My heart aches.

Love you, sweetie. Always.


And the winner of the Kindle Fire is…

I recently gave away a Kindle Fire to a randomly-chosen newsletter subscriber.

Little did I know that the winner would be… Henry!

kindle fire prize

[Henry is going to let Jessica, his feeder, groomer and human pet, use it from time to time.] Congratulations Henry [and Jessica]!

What do you think Henry should read first?

A] Catnip for the Soul [because, catnip!]

B] I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats [because, cat!]

C] Old Yeller [because, happy ending! if you’re a cat]

NOTE: You may have seen the notice elsewhere on this site that I sometimes link to Amazon using my affiliate information, meaning I get a few cents per purchase, rarely but sometimes more. When I have enough money in the coffers to do so, I will continue to use it to fund prizes. I also give prizes that aren’t funded by that source, so, yay, prizes!

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Cover release! The Dead Shall Live!

Okay, so the cover release was actually at the end of 2015, but I never showed it here and now I want to because it is so awesome. Share the awe!


What can we discern from this cover?

Well, yes, that stormy sea is significant. Because on the other side of that tempest is Ireland, and Persephone’s quest lures her there. Did I say lures? I did. Expect more trouble for her there. Because even though, “In England it is said, the Furys have a gift of pleasing kings…

“In Ireland ’tis said, never trust a Fury.”

Persephone Fury is about to discover why, and that the Irish have long memories.

And of course, the looming visage of Vespasian Wyllt is an even bigger and more compelling part of this book, but if you don’t know why yet, I’m not telling you. Go. Read This Crumbling Pageant and get up to speed!

And finally, and perhaps most obviously… who are the dead who shall live?

And what price will Persephone pay for her part in it?

Because still and always, she is the Dark daughter, the one they can no longer hide…


We do not have a release date. You’ll know as soon as we do, and also, when it is available for pre-order. But for now, you can add The Dead Shall Live to your Goodreads reading lists! You can sign up for the newsletter! You can check out the blog and news at The Fury Triad site. And you can know that my publisher and I are absolutely thrilled that this new book truly rocks the casbah, as only Persephone Fury can!

Things I Learned in 2015

pooks-with-posterFirst one, hard it is. It wasn’t until I stopped teaching that I realized how much creative energy it took, and how relieved I am to not do it. This is painful. I don’t even want to admit it in public because so many of my students will read this. But it is what it is. I have reached a point in my life where I want to be a writer. A Writer. And devote what energy I have to writing about the worlds within me. I miss the extra money. So I guess it’s up to me to make that extra money through writing, right?

I’m even turning down requests to speak at conferences and conventions, which makes me question my own sanity, but when anticipating one only makes me start counting how many days I’ll miss writing and fretting over it? I guess that answers the question, eh?

I have told my classes that if you want to be a writer, sometimes you have to give up other things to make time to write. Now I am living that. It hurts, because I love teaching, and I love my students. But it is the thing I need to do. And for now, that’s the way it is.

PooPourri-Still1-logo-smSecond one, Poo-Pourri works!!!

Surely you’ve seen the commercial that is half amusing and half obnoxious and entirely omg are they serious am I seeing what I’m seeing omg? It’s the gag gift that isn’t a gag, and even stops you from gagging. It’s the answer to your prayers if you sit near the loo at work. If you travel in a small travel trailer you will sing hosannas to the highest. It works. Also, because I am an Amazon affiliate, if you click through and buy it, you will make me dance. Not because I make money–because seriously, hardly any–but because how do you not dance when somebody trusts you enough to buy Poo-Pourri? Let me know what you think.

PatriciaBurroughs_TheDeadShallLive_800pxThird one, the best laid plans, blah blah blah. It kind of drags me down that I don’t have a new book coming out on December 28, like I planned, and yet–AND YET–the fact that opportunities came our way that made waiting Very Smart, means that I am taking this time to make the book even more magical and wondrous. I see it happening daily. I am ecstatic. Which kind of  takes the edge off dragged down, y’know?

And I love it. I truly love it. I can’t wait for you to read it, and I hope you like it, but even if you don’t, I do, and I can’t wait.

I learned other things, too. I may even share them next week. But for now, this is it. And each one of them is huge for me. I hope you find something to like.

What have you learned this year? Tell me!


Why I Can’t Decide Between These Planners

So I’ve narrowed my search down to two planners, and still, I can’t narrow it down to one and done.

First of all, they both give me a way to set priorities. That was a requirement. Remember how yesterday I stressed urgent vs vital? The way that worked when I first started using a planner was through something similar to this:


Once you figure out what is vital to you, what that means in terms of a goal, how that breaks down into smaller chunks… you finally get to those bite-sized pieces of the elephant. You know, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time? Ahem. Okay, moving forward…

I can’t decide between beautiful and inspirational colors… and black and white simplicity. I can’t figure out which will have lasting power for me, and which I’m most likely to keep up with. The Franklin Planners I used weren’t pretty but they were well-planned and they worked for my life at the time. But drab doesn’t inspire me. It isn’t fun.

Will busy and colorful eventually overwhelm me? Or will black-and-white simplicity cease to hold my interest? That is the question. And Hamlet thought he had it hard.

The simple planner that makes it easy for my track my goals day by day:


It comes with a few different covers but is a relatively simple yet thoughtfully designed and inspiring system. You can even download it for free if you share on social media, but I can’t imagine not having something in my hands to write on.

It may be hard to tell, but at the bottom of each day’s column are Top Priority, Secondary Priority and Other. This makes me consider why something is on my day’s list and how much priority to give it.Tools4Wisdom page closeupI really like that it’s spelled out there, each day, to be considered. This planning system has other interesting aspects, but for my daily use, this is big.

But then… there is the colorful one, omg, colors!

Creativity Planner

I love that it’s made by an individual woman who sells via etsy, but also is listed on Amazon. She even sent me images so I could get a better idea of how it’s organized. I love it. Did I mention that I love it? As in seriously omg love love love?

It’s not quite as perfectly designed. I would be using the weekly “Steps to Achieve the Dream” area to prioritize. Once I have it in my hands, I might find other ways. It has more bells and whistles as well as colors. But are there too many? Will I end up ignoring it?

Creativity Planner pageWho am I kidding? How could I ignore THAT?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Do you use a planner? What is important enough to you to track or write down? Tell me!

Choosing a Planner for 2016

It’s that time of year when Pooks decides that Next Year Will Be Different, Gosh-Darnit!

Next year things will be a wee bit less chaotic around the Planet! [<– isn’t Pooks cute when she’s delusional?]

Yes, it’s Choose Your Own Adventure Planner time!

I am going to share a nugget with you, something that has been part of my life since I bought my first Franklin Planner in the 1990s. It was the size of my high school notebook and for years, I carried it with me everywhere. The original Franklin Planner system worked so well for me, but then they merged with Covey and things started changing, I changed, life changed, the world changed.

Troy Aikman said it best.

I didn't say he said it first, did I?

I didn’t say he said it first, did I?

My more recent attempts to use the Franklin-Covey system fizzled pretty darned fast, and it costs too much to keep banging my head against those bricks. But what nugget did I take away from Franklin Planner creator Hyrum Smith?

To be happy, we must learn the difference between urgent and vital.

 Our lives are filled with URGENT. But how much of it is VITAL?

And how often do we get so caught up in the urgent that the vital gets passed by?

What is vital in your life, in your dreams, in your world?

How are you making it a priority?

 Tomorrow… the planners I’m debating between for 2016!