My Original Macintosh From 1984 Does Not Make Me Cool

So I’m standing in line at the supermarket and the young probably teenaged checker stares at me, her mouth open, when it’s my turn.

“Wow, I’ve never seen someone your age with earbuds before!”

I guess I should have been insulted, but I wasn’t. I was tickled. Which means, I should have kept my mouth shut.

“My grandmother,” she said [and again, I should have raised an eyebrow, but didn’t], “doesn’t know anything about computers, or anything at all. ANYTHING.”

apple-macintosh-1984-history“Oh,” I said breezily, “my first computer was the original Macintosh, back in 1984.”

Instead of the amazed respect she was already giving me, she suddenly said, “Holy shit, somebody needs to buy you a new computer!”

I laughed, thinking she’d missed my point. “I’ve had plenty of new ones. I have a MacBook Air now. But the original Macintosh is a collectors’ item. And I still have it.”

It was too late. Whatever cred I had when I kept my mouth shut was up in smoke.

Because I made the geezer mistake of assuming she even knew what ‘original Macintosh’ meant.

Story of my life. Awesome cool on the surface…

Until I open my mouth.


How I Became a Local Writer–in Shreveport, La.

So. Next weekend I’m going to be part of the Focus on Romance at the Shreveport Public Library. Yes, I’m a member of the local RWA chapter– the NOLAStars.

Author Fair Web Banner V3Well, the easiest answer is that I was one of the lucky speakers at their 2015 Conference. I blogged about it over at the FuryTriad site.

This is the most amazing group, and I fell in love. I joined their chapter. I have been back since to speak at a monthly meeting. I want to go more often.

So that’s how I became a local-to-Shreveport author when the library called for participants!

Except it’s really not quite all of the story.

You see, I also wrote a romance novel set in Shreveport. Why? Because I was a struggling new writer and realized that all of my [at the time, unsold] books had been set in Texas so I needed to stretch myself. I chose Shreveport, a place I knew pretty well.

Or, as one of the soccer moms sitting near me that morning said, “Oh, you went twenty miles over the border and said, “Far enough!”

Well, yeah.

What’s your point?

Fact is, my grandparents lived in Shreveport for most of my childhood and until a few years after I got married. Shreveport was ‘home’ the way the best grandparents in the world always make you feel at home. They first lived in the city, but then bought a little house out in spittin’ distance of Cross Lake, with Ford Park across the street, and deer that came to the fence to eat cigarettes. [Don’t ask me how or why. I just know they did.]

Shreveport is the kind of heart-home that lives in my memory of everything that is unconditional love. This is my very personal feeling.

Shreveport will always own a piece of my heart.

PatriciaBurroughs_TheDeadShallLive_800pxAfter I spoke at the wonderful NOLA meeting [and gave them a sneak preview of the cover for The Dead Shall Live and got fabulous feedback from them on what kinds of adjustments we were going to make] the Resident Storm Chaser and I then took a leisurely drive down memory lane. We drove the street, found the house, and I wiped a few tears [and wanted to buy it and move in].

We drove around the lake, drove through Ford Park, and from there, looked at my grandparents’ house [and I wanted to buy it and move in].

We left there and drove north through some of the small towns where my grandparents had lived when I was very small [and I wanted to find a place to buy and move in].

I love Shreveport, and damn it, I’m local, whether they want me or not.

See ya’ there, Shreveport! Can’t wait!

An Experiment About Books I Like Bunches

This is an experiment in advertising. I am just testing to see how it works. I don’t mean to annoy you, so forgive me if I am.

This is meant to be an ad that shows up sometimes but not always. It’s a custom ad I created to see how it works. And it’s for books I hand-picked myself because I have loved them for various reasons, and think you might enjoy them, as well.

So… now to see if they show up. Or if they don’t!

Another contest, but this time it’s mine!

I’ve gathered some friends and fellow authors to bring you this contest. No strings attached, no tricks, no unexpected consequences. Just sign up to win!


You’d think since I’m running this contest I’d get to have copies of all these books, right?


Only the winners get them. So now I am going to sit back and be jealous while y’all get a chance at a lot of very good reading. Good luck!!!

Author Con – May 21st – 12pm to 4 pm – Sachse, Texas Library!

That is a headline that tells you everything you need to know. You might assume, because the headline is on my blog, that I will be there.

You know what they say about ‘assuming.’

But in this case, you would be correct! Also, I will be accepting credit or debit card purchases, and will be sellling ebooks as well as print! I hope to see you there!

Author Con Flyer

The Saints of the Lost and Found

Today is finally the day I have been waiting for–the day I can tell you to run don’t walk to Amazon or any other site and buy The Saints of the Lost and Found.

saints of the lost and found

This is one of the most stunning books I’ve read in years. How much do I love it? I have been buying the ebook and sending it to friends this morning. That’s how much I love this book.

On Goodreads I said:

“The writing is dark chocolate laced with voluptuous poison.

“The tale is heartbreaking and soul-soaring.

“This is Toni McGee Causey as you’ve never read her, and it’s brilliant.”

This is a thriller with the paranormal elements and Tennessee Williams angst you’d expect from a deep Louisiana tale, but it’s also a tale of triumph.

Yes, Toni is my friend. Yes, I might be biased. But I don’t think so. Too many reviewers with advance copies have agreed with me.

So click through, read more about the book, and then if it’s your cup of black chicory-laced coffee, buy, buy, buy.

And read.

Magic, Romance & Hollywood!

I had the great pleasure of being one of a marvelous group of writers who spoke [for six minutes each!] at the Bonham Public Library on February 6. This is a biannual event sponsored by the Bonham and Whitewright Public Libraries, along with the Bonham Romance Readers Book Club.

Showing off the new cover of La Desperada!

Showing off La Desperada’s new cover!

What can I manage to say in six minutes that includes romance [the subject of the day] and Hollywood [the subject requested by the organizers] and the Fury Triad [the subject I wanted to address]?

In six minutes?

First, I came to the attention of this group of readers when the book club chose La Desperada as their monthly read last September. Imagine my delight when I arrived at the library and found both the book and the script, Redemption, in places of honor in a display case! Awesomesauce!

Since Redemption is the script that resulted in my Nicholl Fellowship [awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences], it was the obvious jumping off place into Hollywood.

But the tale I told was from a different award-winning script–and was the ‘only Pooks could be this big an idiot’ meeting that led to a new understanding of my writing and eventually, a new career direction.

IMG_3042 (1)

Bill Shakespeare looks the other way as I’m giving an autographed hardcover edition of This Crumbling Pageant to the Bonham Public Library.

I drove onto the Fox lot. Or maybe it was the Sony lot. Not the Paramount lot. I remember that one clearly, and this wasn’t it. Anyway, I drove onto a studio lot to take my first meeting that week. I was late because I’d been lost–very lost–not an unusual state-of-Pooks whilst in LA. But I eventually arrived and was handed a bottle of water and was seated across the desk from from three producers who wanted to talk to me about my work.

“So, have you always loved science fiction?” one of them asked.

Picture Pooks as confused. “Erm… no. I don’t really like science fiction.”

They exchanged puzzled looks. “But you write science fiction.”

Picture Pooks as deer-in-headlights. “Erm… no?”

Now the looks they exchanged went beyond puzzled and into wtf? “But…” and this was said gently, as if speaking to someone who might be mentally deficient, “your script is science fiction.”


Such a gorgeous display–be still my heart!

Picture Pooks as panicked. As in, “Oh my god my agent sent them somebody else’s script,” panicked.

But also picture Pooks as calm and composed and professional as she blithely asks, “Might I ask, what is the title of that script?”

They held it up. “Dreamers.”

That was my script, all right. “That’s science fiction?” I asked.

Another exchange of looks. “Yes.”

“Huh. I just thought it was a cool idea.”

Darling reader, can you now see how I took Hollywood by storm? I thought you could.

Enough of that meeting. It got back on track and meetings where all is on track are boring in the retelling.

But I left with an alarming series of thoughts.

I don’t like science fiction.

I don’t even watch Star Trek.


Hundreds of YA books observe from behind us as I am giving an autographed hardcover edition of This Crumbling Pageant to the Whitewright Public Library.

And yet, I write award-winning science fiction.

Who knew?

I then figured out, wait, the ghost in that script–that makes it paranormal? And the wild ‘what if this happened’ in that other script–that made it fantasy?

You mean, I’ve been writing Science Fiction/Fantasy all this time and didn’t even know it?

This, my lovelies, is how it feels to be Pooks.

So much suddenly made sense.

I began looking for books to read that were the kinds of stories I liked to write, and wow–they had been there all the time, and I didn’t even know it.

PatriciaBurroughs_TheDeadShallLiveAnd then I was boarding a plane to fly back to Dallas and I stopped in the airport book store and picked up a paperback I’d been hearing about and had been ignoring, because seriously, really?

And as the earth fell away beneath me, I began reading it, and within three chapters, my life had changed forever.

That is how I found my way back to novels rather than scripts, and into the world of magic and fantasy and The Fury Triad.

Oddly, it truly is a full circle. The passion, intensity and drama from my first published book are very much present in my latest work.

Only this time?

I have magic.