Changes are happening on planetpooks…

But first–the WWW Wednesday meme ended… and I miss seeing what other people are reading.

citadelRight now I’m reading this fantasy and loving it! Citadel of the Sky takes place in a world where the royal family, the Blood, each are so devastatingly affected by their various gifts, they each have a Regent, someone who is raised with them from infancy and is their most loyal companion. Someone who protects them they are unable to take care of themselves, because they have fallen into whichever kind of spell or power they carry, because they are the Blood.

You see, the magic they carry in their family… makes them go mad.

I may not have described that well, but it’s an awesome premise. And here is how it begins:

Great-Uncle Jant’s Regent died of old age, and cousin Cathay’s Regent was thrown from his horse, and Uncle Yithiere’s Regent had a heart attack, but it was all just bad luck until the King’s Regent died.

It took more than bad luck to tear somebody’s arm off. It took a fiend, or a team of horses, or somebody really spiteful.

That first paragraph grabbed me, and I had to keep reading. So that’s what I’m reading now, after having it on my reader for months without doing anything but admire the pretty cover. Because–true confession–I know Chrysoula, the author. And I do buy friends’ books whether I have time to read them or not, and they do languish in a TBR file for months and years sometimes. Fortunately this time, I clicked!

And you can read more about it here.

What have you been reading lately? [Don’t worry, I’ll ask you again at the end of this blog because even though I have more to say, I really want to know your answers!]

So, like I said up there, changes are happening on planetpooks…

Changes to the webpage. I am not mobile-friendly and I need to be. I don’t have time to do what needs to be done to change, but fair warning, changes WILL happen.

In the meantime I’ve cleaned up the sidebars and such. I’ve got buy links to all my books. I have an easy sign-up for the newsletter. Important stuff for me, as a writer, since making it easy to buy books is kind of an important thing for an author’s site, or so I’m told! [Well, whoda thunkit?]

A reminder to local folks that I’m going to get the motors running for nanowrimo at the Sachse Public Library on October 13th!

And probably the biggest thing to those of you that follow me via an email subscription–I’m about to be posting weekly content on the Fury Triad blog. I’ll be answering questions there. Yes, it’s about that series, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting if you aren’t a reader yet. The research I’ve done and things I’ve learned, the places I’ve been and not been, and how all of this finds its way into the writing is kind of fun, and I hope you’ll sign up to follow it there! I won’t be sending daily blogs into your inbox. Weekly is the goal.

Go to the blog and scroll down the sidebar to “Magic in Your Inbox,” and type in your email address. That easy!

If you have questions about my other books or research, or anything else, go ahead and ask those, too. I’m open to all of it.

Now tell me, what have you been reading lately? I really miss knowing.


Nanowrimo Approacheth!

And the Sachse Public Library in Sachse, Texas is doing some fun and useful things to help participants get started and stay on target to win this year’s nanowrimo!

First up, I’ll be speaking on October 13 to help this year’s crop of writers get started early–legally! Nope, you can’t start writing ahead of time, but you can do some fun things to get organized, inspired, and ready to go at midnight on November 1.

Click to get a bigger copy to read.

Click to get a bigger copy to read.

I hope to see you there!

Are you nano-ing this year? Have you nanoed in the past? How’d it go for you?

This Crumbling Pageant ~ 30% off at Kobo!

My publisher doesn’t plan any special sales on Golden Quill award-winning, Amazon bestselling This Crumbling Pageant any time again this year to my knowledge, but Kobo has included it as part of a special promotion September 18-21st. Just use the promo code SEPT30 at checkout to get the 30% price cut. (There are other books available, too, and there is no limit on how many times you use the code.)

If you only use a Kindle to read your ebooks, this won’t work for you. But the epub books downloaded from Kobo can be read by just about any other reader or app. For example, I like reading epub books on the iBooks app on my iphone or iPad.

If you’ve used promo codes before, this is the same as any. If you haven’t, you might find the following information helpful.


How to Redeem a Promo Code on


If you already have a Kobo account


If you do not have a Kobo account

– Create a Kobo account.

– Go into the My Account section and click on Payment Information.

– Input your billing address and credit card info.

– Save.

– Return to the homepage.

– Follow the directions in the “If you already have a Kobo account” section above.


If you don’t want to input your credit card info

  • Create a Kobo account.
  • Search for the title in question.
  • Click on “Buy Now.” You will be asked to fill in your billing address.
  • Instead of choosing credit card, choose “paypal” and hit “continue.”
  • Input your promo code in the box below the phrase “Have a Promo Code?”.
  • Hit Apply. The discount will be subtracted from the total on the right-hand side.
  • Complete your purchase by hitting “Buy Now.”
  • Proceed to paypal to complete your transaction.


Rescue Me

The Resident Storm Chaser and I are all about the rescue. From the time he was a teenager, he has been involved in actual rescue situations. But even in our day-to-day life, rescue pops up as an option.

Tonight I am surrounded by memories of rescue.

Our three most recent rescues.

Bella, the black heeler. No, I don’t think black heelers are actually a thing, but that’s what the local shelter called her, and she is black mostly, and she is an Australian Cattle Dog, so yeah, black heeler fits. Roxy, the chihuahua, another rescue from another local shelter. We believe in going to shelters for our dogs, and we’ve never regretted it.

weasel and roxy T@B

And today, our latest rescue. Roxy found her in the back yard, and she and Bella made sure we knew about her. We had to drive across the county to get her to someone authorized and qualified to take a wild animal and raise & release it.


A baby possum [opossum]. We named it Kooter. Kooter is in a fabulous old house tonight that I would love to own for my very own, with a wonderful guy who takes care of babies like this until they are ready for the wild.

Our day was so taken up with our rescues rescuing another rescue that I did not get a single word written.

But you know what? That’s okay.

Also, don’t think of us as terribly self-serving. We rewarded ourselves with pie.


An Epic Comes to a Finish

No, not the one I’m writing.

I finally finished Checkmate, the last book in the Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett.

Expect a few thoughts tomorrow.

For now, though–

I will never believe that this wasn’t who she had in her head when she was writing them. She even said he could play the part. And after Pawn in Frankincense… well, yes.





That guinea gold hair…



Peter O’Toole, 2 August 1932 – 14 December 2013 May light perpetual shine upon him.

Golden Quill 2015 – Best Fantasy Romance!

I’m honored and thrilled to announce that This Crumbling Pageant was awarded this year’s Golden Quill for Best Fantasy Romance.

golden quill 4

Please excuse the quality of the photograph. It was taken with an iPhone and inadequate lighting in my new ‘office shed.’ But nothing can take away from the beauty of green marble and gilt writing, my favorite colors!

The Golden Quill is sponsored by Desert Rose RWA in the greater Phoenix area of Arizona. They are a fabulous group of writers who sponsor a bi-annual writing conference that is worth every penny, if you’re able to attend. In alternating years, they sponsor highly-regarded competitions, one for published authors and one for unpublished.

I don’t have the details of the unpublished judging process, but according to Sandy Wright, this year’s Golden Quill chairman, “Golden Quill is judged entirely by readers and librarians. You should be proud! ”

Am I ever! Thank you to all those who worked hard to make the competition happen. I know how much work goes into these kinds of things. Thank you especially to those of you who read and enjoyed my book enough to result in it winning this award.

It now hangs on my wall!


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About those puppies.

My new get out of jail free card: Research reveals that in order to get help from this particular Greek god I’m writing about? People sacrificed puppies.

did you say puppies

Did you say puppies?


So, moving forward, whenever anybody gets upset because I kill a character they like?


Do you really want me to go there?

I thought not.

My work here is done.

Back to the book…

NOTE: Yes, the puppy in the picture is wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey. NO THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN KILL HER.  [Sheeesh. Philly fans.]