Redemption – The Script

You’re probably asking, why would I want to read this script?

Well, odds are, you don’t. You’re a reader and you’re interested in novels, and odds are great that you will ignore this part of the download.

But there are some people–screenwriters or people in the film industry or those just curious–who might like to see the before and after, and a few notes on how a 500-page novel turned into a 110 page script.  You know how it goes, how you walk out of the movie and say, “They left out–” and “That’s not what was supposed to–” and “The book was so much better than the movie!” Here’s the deal. They have to. Novels are longer than movies. They have to change them and make the best movie they can.

Before I ever started this project–adapting my novel to script–I was warned that it was a big mistake. That I could never be brutal enough with a story I wrote, that I loved, to slice and dice it into a script. Oddly, I found the process invigorating and I loved the script as much as I ever loved the novel.

In this download you’ll get a few notes on how I did it, and you can decide for yourself if it worked.  Let me know. I’d love to have your feedback, positive or negative. Seriously.

Maybe reading an excerpt of the script will be enough for you. If so? That’s free right here!  And if you want to read the whole thing, you can buy the print edition at Amazon or buy the pdf at Book View Café.




I will forever be honoured and grateful that the Academy approved.


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