Meet Kennie Sue Ledbetter, spunky and street smart—as long as the streets are in Tahoka Springs, Texas.

Meet Alexander Carruthers III, who has never known anyone like Kennie Sue. But one look—one hunch—is all it takes for him to want to know her better.

Did I mention that I loved this book? It was a RITA Finalist for Best Short Contemporary Romance, and was part of a new wave of humor in the romance genre.

So take a trip with me back to the late 1980s and let Kennie Sue and Alex show you how it was, once upon a time…

When slot machines still had arms to pull, casinos still handed out free drinks, and the world was just discovering parachute pants.

[Okay let’s forget about parachute pants.]

[There are no parachute pants in this book.]


I hope you enjoy the ride!

Happy reading—



When small town girl Kennie Sue Ledbetter wakes up in a Reno hotel between two guys in rumpled tuxedos, she thinks things can’t get any worse.

When she steps on the wedding bouquet and sees the ring on her finger, she knows things can’t get any worse.

But then she finds out she’s married to the guy who won her in a coin-toss in front of the wedding chapel, and ‘worse’ has a name and a face: Alexander Carruthers, the gorgeous silver-tongued devil who believes in love at first sight, in fate, and in doing whatever it takes to keep her—

Even if that means following her back to Texas and letting all the good people in Tahoka Springs know what she did on her summer vacation.

He’s Lear jets and high society charity balls.

She’s Ford Pintos and rodeos.

She won’t fit into his world and he sure won’t fit into hers.

This spells disaster—calamitous, embarrassing, tempting-as-sin disaster….

But can it also spell love?

Originally published by Harlequin-Silhouette.

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