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There is not a product, service or book here that I don’t hold in the highest esteem. They are all products, resources or programs that I have personally used myself and think they are worth your investigation.



Book View Cafe — Award-winning and best selling authors bringing terrific digital fiction free and for sale to the internet

 Academy of Film Writing — Max Adams is the go-to person for the best online screenwriting classes in the biz


And while we’re at it, Max’s book, The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide; Or, Guerrilla Meeting Tactics and Other Acts of War, is the best book you’ll ever read on the screenwriting issues you didn’t even know to ask about–but must know. Seriously.


Shop Indie Bookstores Save the independent book stores. If you don’t already, start using them. On this site I have links to Amazon, as well, because some people for various reasons will only shop there. But also consider following this link and finding out what else is available.

I built this site using “Memoir” from Elegant Themes. I love all the many options. I was able to try out several themes before choosing this one. Go. Look. It may be what you’ve been looking for, too!

Hostgator is my webhost, and they’ve been great! They answer my dumb questions with patience and clarity.

Amazon is still my go-to for a lot of stuff. I am an Amazon affiliate and sometimes remember to post links so that I get a few cents from purchases made via this site. This is how they are used.

Blogs for Writers

Book View Cafe Blog

Jim C Hines Blog


Terrible Minds/Chuck Wendig

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