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La Desperada, what they’re saying…

Burroughs-LaDesperada600x900From the first word to the last, you’ll be breathless and craving more.

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Great characters. Exciting adventure. Burroughs is a witty, crafty storyteller. This is the kind of book Joan Wilder would have wished she’d written, if she were real. Luckily Patricia Burroughs is.

Terri Edda Miller, Filmmaker, CASTLE Producer

REDEMPTION [La Desperada] is hands down the best love story I have ever read. The story is incredible with surprises that keep on coming. You cannot for the life of you figure out where it is going, and when you get there, it wraps with another big surprise.
I was so sad when it was over, that I didn’t have more of it to read. A sequel, please!

Melanie Mayron, Actress, Director, Writer

Every once-in-a-while, you come across a fellow writer who is so damned good, you want to hate them. Patricia Burroughs is that kind of writer. (Except, she is so funny and nice, you cannot hate her. Dammit.) LA DESPERADA is phenomenal: characters, pacing, story, quality of writing–it has it all, hands down. Read this book. You’ll thank me.

Toni McGee Causey, Author of the Bobbie Faye books

Patricia’s writing is witty, full of charm and engaging twists, her characters live and breath for you — you can’t go wrong with a story from Patricia.

Max Adams, Screenwriter, Author,
Founder/Academy of Film Writing,
Associate Professor, Film & Media Arts, University of Utah

An action packed, keep you guessing story and a surprise ending. I recommend it to all fans of historical romance.

Tara Chevrestt, , Author & Reviewer

Exciting tale with honest emotion.

Jo Ann Hakola, Journey of a Bookseller

Real story, real danger, real complexity. Plenty of meat to sink your teeth into.

Bill Chance, This is Not Going to Turn Out Well

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