Are You a Writer?

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PatriciaBurroughs_TheDeadShallLive_800pxIt’s on my editor’s desk. We spent hours on Skype freaking out over the ending and how omg-OMG-OMFG!!! it is. It is THAT FREAKING SHOCKING AND AMAZING AND PERFECT. Yes, I’ve said it. Myself. I felt that way about This Crumbling Pageant and I feel that way again. And we were freaking out over that, and over what is going on in the story into the next book, all the way to the end, and we were euphoric, and yes I am saying all this because I want you to know, yes, it is coming, and you’ll be so happy when you read it. You will say, this book was worth the wait.

And I’m saying that right now because I want you to know that the project I am about to tell you about will not delay or impact The Dead Shall Live in any way. As soon as it lands on my desk for the last time, everything else gets shoved aside. We are going to have a book and I can’t wait!

That said–this new project.

Are you a writer?

If you’re not a writer and don’t know any writers, you can skip this post. It’s about a book I’m writing for other writers.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to spend time here talking about this other than this announcement. We’ll get back to magic and danger and thrills and chills as soon as this is posted!

Still here?

Yay! I was hoping some of you would hang around!

I’m working on something new these days, and if you’re a writer or know any writers, I’d appreciate you checking it out and maybe even sharing it.

I have taught creative writing–specifically classes on writing novels and screenplays–for [mumbledy mumbledy] years. A lot of years. I don’t really want to even do the math because harsh reality is harsh. [wink]

But one of my favorite subjects–and the one I’m most often asked to speak on or teach at writing conferences–is writing with passion. If you’ve read This Crumbling Pageant, you might notice I tend to do that.

And reading?

My favorite books give me feels, lots of feels.

Patreon is a site where people can choose to support a creator while they’re creating. In the olden days only the rich could be patrons of the arts and help art get made. These days, with crowd-sourcing, we have Patreon where you can support a creator for only $1 a month, no contract, can stop at any time.

I have a strong history writing fanfiction and it wasn’t the money that kept me writing the epic stories I wrote there–it was knowing that people wanted to read them. These days with contracts and deadlines, I need a little more than reviews and feedback.

I need $1.00.

Yes. I’m writing this book on Patreon and I am looking for patrons to help me stay excited and on task. I am so much wanting patrons that I am offering patronages at only $1 a month. That’s all it takes to encourage me–$1 a month, and you can even stop that at any time.

And at the end? You get the book!

Maybe even more than the book because there are other patron levels, but even they are very inexpensive.

Right now, I’m asking for people to look at what I’m writing–a book on writing with passion–and if you feel so inclined, sign up to be a patron for $1 a month. Seriously. That’s it. That would be so freaking awesome. And you’ll get stuff in exchange, but to totally understand, go here and look!

There is free material you can read whether you are a patron or not.

Sneak peek:

Forget opening a vein—this is a book about bleeding emotion from your pores.

This is a book about putting a tight turniquet on emotion.

This is a book about analyzing the blood-spatter of emotion and learning from it.
This is a book about stealing emotion like the blood-sucking [something] you are.
This is a book about why and how and where and when and who, and how all of these things will impact your reader the way you want them to be impacted.
A blow to the gut that takes their breath away.
A hoot of laughter that embarrasses them in public.
Terror that makes them jump—even squeal—in fear at the sudden sound of a thermostat clicking in a silent room.
A tear in the eye.
Ugly crying.
But be warned… this is a book about digging deep into your own pain, your own fear, your own heart and soul to touch the passions and emotions you are writing about. It’s about being vulnerable to yourself and the keyboard and the screen and the page.
It’s about putting yourself into the skin of an axe murderer and feeling the rage—or the twisted joy?—that drives them to slice open a living being’s skull, so that whether in ten words or three hundred, you can take your reader somewhere they don’t want to go but can’t stop reading.
It’s about you putting yourself inside the eighteen-year-old being married to a stranger old enough to her grandfather because of politics and greed, so you can taste her fear, or swell with her pride, or suddenly experience the revelation she has for you… and your reader.
It’s about understanding that emotion isn’t analytical and it isn’t word choice and it isn’t cookie cutter.
Emotion is sensual and physical and the keys to the kingdom of a reader’s imagination and—let’s face it—willingness to shell out money for your next book?
Is in your willingness and ability to make them bleed with you.
If this doesn’t sound like your kind of book?
No problem.
For the rest of you?
Come with me.

I hope to see some of you there!















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